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In 4 words: Simple, fast, complete and efficient


Take a photo. N2F will instantly extract the data (date, amount, taxes, vendor, etc.)


Entering an expense report takes less than 5 seconds, tops!


Our mobile expense report management app can manage your projects, clients, missions, bank reconciliations, approval workflows, PDF generation, XLS, etc.


The time needed to manage your expense reports will be divided at least by 4!

Our smart scan (OCR)
will change your life

Scan an expense report in less than a second!

Our OCR technology combined with our artificial intelligence engine will automatically extract all the data from your receipt:

  • Date, amount, taxes (even if several rates), vendor
  • As well as tourist tax, tips, fuel consumption
  • Having a smart scan is good. The upsides of ours?
    • 95%+ read rate
    • In under a second
Démonstration du smart scan de N2F : photo d'un justificatif et extraction des données
Image d'illustration : un dossier et plusieurs sous-dossiers

Go completely PAPERLESS with
legal compliance archiving

An ecological expense report!

  • The legislation on paperless expense reports now allows you to throw away the paper copies. N2F has followed all the regulatory developments to offer you a truly paperless expense report management solution.
  • With archiving with probative value, paper is over. N2F keeps your data for 10 years, and it has legal validity!

The most connected expense report management solution!

Connect N2F to your accounting software, your bank, your travel agency, etc.

Picto ordinateur
Connecting to your accounting system

N2F interfaces with more than 200 accounting software packages: SAP (ECC, S/4HANA, Business, etc.), Sage (100, 1000, X3, Cloud), Cegid, Dynamics, Oracle JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, EBP, Divalto, Quadratus, Baan, Datev, Odoo, etc.

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Picto intersection
Connecting to your bank

performing a bank reconciliation of your expense reports has never been easier. N2F can connect to 300 European banks to automatically retrieve bank transactions.

Picto billet d'avion
Connecting to your travel agency

to make life easier for our frequent traveller customers, N2F can retrieve all the invoices from your travel agencies and car rental companies. It then finely analyzes each employee's expenses and automatically inputs them into your accounting system.

Picto web
Reimbursing your employees

N2F can also generate the SEPA transfer file, so that you can reimburse your employees (taking into account advance payments)

See a demo
Illustration de la plateforme N2F

Expense reports and VAT

Finally, expense report management software
that automates VAT management

N2F’s smart scan automatically extracts VAT from the photo (even if several rates are shown on the receipt)

The recoverable amount is pre-configured for each N2F expense category (even for specific fuel rules or for associations)

Our connection with your accounting software will automatically import the VAT, there’s no need for re-entry!

Predictive verification, when AI
saves you time

The only system for predicting and scoring expenses

  • By studying the millions of expenses we process each week, our artificial intelligence engine can recognize whether expenses contain errors or not.
  • Your administrative verification teams save even more time by directly identifying problem expenses!
  • There are many benefits:
    • N2F identifies expenses that definitely need to be checked,
    • Fraud attempts are highlighted,
    • Expense report processing time is reduced,
    • Error correction is simplified
Illustration : petite fusée et lecture automatique d'un justificatif
Illustration : vision satellite du monde et trajet en pointillés

Management of
flat-rate allowances

Automatic calculation of daily allowances (Per diem)

  • From the mobile app or the web platform,
    simply enter your travel schedule and the locations you visited,

    • N2F will automatically calculate the flat-rate allowances based on your travel time and the locations you visited
    • Taking into account the specific features of national or international travel
  • N2F also allows you to manage possible deductions (meals paid by the company),
  • Reimbursement rates for all countries are automatically integrated and updated in N2F and can also be adapted according to your company’s expense policy.
  • In short, combine the management of receipts and flat-rate allowances in a single tool.

mileage allowances

Relax, N2F will help you

  • Whether you are using the mobile app or the web platform, our partnership with Google Maps means that you simply need to enter your mileage allowances.
  • N2F will manage your vehicle fleet and reimbursement rates.
  • The vehicle sheet summarizes all expenses per vehicle.
  • N2F’s mileage engine tracks your travel receipts for you.
  • All types of vehicles are managed (personal, service vehicle, company car) as well as all fuel types for optimized VAT recovery!
Petit robot devant un écran d'accueil N2F
Ecran d'approbation N2F

Validation workflow

A validation process that adapts to your organization

  • The N2F expense validation process (workflow) is fully configurable:
    • Set up as many steps as you wish,
    • Define conditions that automatically change validators in function of a particular amount, project, customer, rebilling concept, limit overrun, or group membership.
  • Track the status of your team’s expense reports at any time.
  • Traceability is complete from the creation of your expense report to its reimbursement.

Your expense policy
is fully configurable

There's no need for manual checks now, N2F will take care of it!

Your expense policy is fully customizable in our expense report management software:

  • Blocking or warning limits,
  • Limits per period, per guest, per night,
  • Flat-rate expenses.

Adapt your policy and limits according to user type

Ecran politique de frais N2F
Ecran rapports et analyses N2F

Analyzing your data has never been easier

Reports, statistics, PDF, XLS, everything is possible

  • With N2F, access your data in 1 click
  • Our integrated reporting module enables you to extract, format, and compare all of your company’s data
  • Our PDF, XLS, and CSV exports are clear, configurable, and easy to share
  • Your company’s business expenses will no longer hold any secrets for you!

A solution adapted to
demanding companies

SMEs, mid-market, large accounts, N2F will adapt to your needs

  • Several companies in different countries? No problem
  • Your group uses several accounting software tools? We can take care of it!
  • Different currencies and time zones? Easy!
  • Different languages and expense policies? No problem
  • Need to connect N2F to your travel agency or car rental company? With pleasure!
Ecran d'approbation N2F
Ecran demandes d'ordres de mission et d'avances N2F

Managing advance payments and
travel requests

Because there was life before expense reports

N2F includes a fully configurable travel request module that allows you to approve a trip with a specific workflow before the expense is actually incurred.

One-off or standing advance payments and requests for advance payments are also possible, The actual and immediate consumption of the advance is available to the user.

The repayment is deducted and the accounting entry files are prepared for entry into the accounting system.


And for my invoices from

Whether it’s invoices or expense reports, just send an e-mail to from your N2F login email with the receipt attached and our expense report management solution will automatically create the expense for you!


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