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For more efficiency with more flexibility

Good expense report software must be able to interface with every element of your IT system. You’re in the right place!

N2F knows how to connect with the solutions most widely used by companies around the world:

  • More than 300 accounting, ERP, and payroll software packages
  • Major banks and the largest payment card operators (MasterCard, SmartData Generation 2, American Express, Nexi, etc.)
  • All SSO systems (Saml V2)
  • Travel agencies or car fleet managers

Flexible and fully customizable, N2F’s software is an easily interconnectable system thanks to our APIs

Our technology partners

These partnerships allow us to offer you an even more efficient expense report solution, centralizing all the information concerning your employees' expenses, their travel, and their vehicles.

GAC Technology

Since 2007, GAC Technology has been publishing 100% web-based management software for executive management, general services, and purchasing and financial services. N2F interfaces with its fleet management software, GAC Car Fleet, designed to facilitate the day-to-day life of fleet managers.

The connector can be used to centralize all the information relating to a vehicle’s costs in order to facilitate the manager’s work. Employees can directly see via N2F which vehicle has been assigned to them.

Travel Perk

Business travel agency Travel Perk offers a dedicated platform, gathering all the different elements of a business trip in one place.

The integration with TravelPerk allows you to easily generate a trip and receive all the costs relating to hotels, flights, trains, and other travel bookings, as well as the relevant receipts, directly in N2F on a daily or instant basis.


A specialist in management software for service companies, Everwin works with many different business sectors.

The N2F – Everwin connector facilitates the complete management of expense reports in N2F and their automatic integration into Everwin’s solution.


A platform that facilitates business trips and travel, FairJungle is designed for travel managers and HR, CFOs and finance teams, and business travelers.

The connection between N2F and FairJungle will make it easy to create a business trip and to view all the costs relating to the trip (hotels, flights, trains, etc.) directly in N2F.

Our authorized N2F dealers and business partners

Concerned about offering the best to our customers, we carefully select our partners and resellers. Regularly trained on the N2F application and its new features, they will be able to offer you the tools that best fit your company's specificities.

Axe Informatique

For 32 years, Axe Informatique has been a major player in management information systems and infrastructure and network solutions. The teams help SMEs to implement their management tools and maintain their computer equipment.

Axel Gestion

For more than 20 years, Axel Gestion has been supporting its clients thanks to its comprehensive finance and tax expertise. The teams offer auditing services and recommend tools and solutions, as well as providing installation, training, and support.


InovaGès is an expert in management software and IT solutions for SMEs and mid-market companies. The teams support companies in all their IT projects (audit, solution deployment) to facilitate their day-to-day administrative management.

Pyramide Conseils

Accounting firm, Pyramide Conseils supports managers in all their projects and in their company life. In addition to tailor-made support led by a dedicated expert, Pyramide offers in-depth advice on accounting and administrative tools.

Our accounting integrations

In order to streamline all of your accounting processes and to allow you to centralize information, N2F interfaces with more than 300 accounting software packages on the market:

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Our institutional partners

N2F is proud to be part of the French tech companies ecosystem, and to be able to count on the support of its institutional partners.


The Syntec Federation represents more than 3,000 French companies specializing in the digital sector, as well as in consulting, engineering, events, and professional training.

Digital League

Digital League is an ecosystem that brings together nearly 500 companies, schools, laboratories, and investors in the digital sector in the Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes region.

BPI France

The Banque Publique d’Investissement supports companies in their development and the realization of their projects.

CCI - Business France

The CCI and Business France offer companies support in their regional, national, and international development.

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