The N2F cards, payment solutions for business expenses

• Physical, virtual or temporary cards
• Real-time customization (limits and notifications)
• Payment in more than 200 countries, via Apple Pay & Google Pay
• Automatic bank reconciliation
• N2F - Expense reports can be used with or without business cards

Expense card plateform
Les cartes N2F

The N2F cards,
High-end business cards:

  • Customizable payment limits (from €1 to €100,000 per month and per card)
  • Card management directly in N2F
  • Real-time notifications for all transactions on your N2F app



(So) much better than a traditional banking card, at a competitive price

(no banking fees in the Euro area)

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Easy and quick card monitoring

Create the ideal expense card for each situation and employee.

Manage your corporate payment cards as you like: 

  • Set limits per month, week, day or per transaction
  • Define time slots and days of use
  • Choose to authorize ATM withdrawals, payments abroad or on Internet.

Ease of use
for cards owners

Enjoy high customization and security at the same time

The N2F card user can:

  • Suspend the cards directly in N2F if needed
  • Choose his own PIN code (easier to remember)
  • Receive a notification on his smartphone instantly after each payment
  • Pay by his/her preferred means (via Apple Pay, Google Pay, smartphone ou connected watch).
Card mobile
smart transaction tracking

Real-time expense tracking

Get automatic bank reconciliation for the expenses made with the card

Manage and monitor all business cards directly in N2F: add, suspend or block employees’ cards and services if necessary.

Real-time expense tracking: thanks to the Smart Transaction Tracking, the bank reconciliation is automatic and allows you to monitor the expenses more quickly.


N2F offers bank-grade security corporate cards

N2F is a partner of Adyen

The global leader in payment solutions.


Built-in security benefits

Pay with confidence.

Mastercard network

The Mastercard network covers more than 200 countries.

Why change your business cards for N2F cards?

Find everything in one place

The accounting department saves time with the Smart Transaction Tracking. The bank reconciliation is automated and directly accessible in the N2F expense reports management platform.


Stay in control

  • Choose the limit per month and for each card, from €1 to €100,000
  • If necessary, suspend with just one click, wherever you are, form the mobile app or with the help of a colleague
  • Generate as many temporary cards as you need


Take advantage of our competitive prices

N2F business cards offer all of the advantages of high-end corporate cards, at a reasonable price.

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Focus on the automatic bank reconciliation

with the N2F company cards and N2F - Expense reports

What is bank reconciliation?

The bank reconciliation is an accounting process consisting in comparing transactions recorded in the acccounting system with the ones on the bank statements. It ensures that both documents are coherent and that bank records are properly recorded.

Why is it important?

The bank reconciliation is an essential step of the accounting. It allows to:

  • Ensure the absolute accuracy of bank accounts
  • Detect errors of frauds (identification of discrepancies)
  • Prevent cash lags
  • Facilitate the closing of accounts

How is it automated in N2F?

With the N2F card, your expenses are automatically linked to the expense made with the card and the receipt in N2F. The employee takes the receipt in picture with his smartphone after using his/her corporate card and this allows the app to automatically reconciliate the bank information.