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Automatically export your accounting entries!

With N2F, your accounting entries are directly generated in a format compatible with your accounting software. N2F is compatible with all the ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE PACKAGES on the market: Sage, Cegid, SAP, EBP, etc.

Our “Export Factory” will simply and graphically configure your accounting export and you can of course adjust it at any time. The data exported to your ACCOUNTING SYSTEM are therefore fully tailored to your company:

  • Easily define the account to be charged by type of expense, by employee, or by rate of VAT
  • Choose the account heading and the reference that will appear in your ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE.

Your accountant will appreciate the rigor and detail of the entries generated.

There's no need to calculate recoverable VAT. Let N2F take care of it!

Tax management will no longer be a headache for you! Recoverable VAT is automatically calculated in all cases. N2F’s online software can deal with your complex tax cases:

  • Multi-rate expenses? No problem! Allocating amounts to the different tax or expense accounts is simple and automatic.
  • Specific rules for fuel (diesel, gasoline)? N2F knows how to recover the taxes according to the vehicle’s fuel type and classification.
  • Ceiling exceeded? Again, N2F knows how to identify the recoverable taxes in proportion to the amount actually reimbursed to your employee.

Simplify your accounting integration: say goodbye to duplicate entries and the calculation of recoverable VAT.

Fine-tune the management of your cost and subledger accounts

Business expenses should be carefully monitored. If well managed, they can generate substantial savings.

COST MANAGEMENT is intuitive with N2F. You will benefit from a summarized and clear view of the evolution and trends of your expenses, in line with the goal of optimizing costs and establishing your budget forecasts. Define the analytical axes of your choice: cost centers, projects, customers, etc. and monitor them easily. With N2F, you will have summarized reports, known for their readability, to help you efficiently prepare the professional expenses section of your business plan.

Does your ACCOUNTING SYSTEM allow SUBLEDGER ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT? No problem, N2F is naturally suited to this case and can even differentiate subledger accounts in function of different payment methods.

Connect N2F
to your bank

N2F offers simplified and faster reimbursement of your employees’ travel expenses by generating SEPA transfers. Whether you reimburse your employees’ expenses via SEPA transfer or through your ACCOUNTING SYSTEM, the operation is generated in just one click.

Even more practical: N2F manages all three types of bank cards:

  • personal cards,
  • corporate cards debited to the employee, and
  • corporate cards debited to the company.

Not enough time to read it all? Here are the key points of the accounting export into N2F:

Save time on accounting entries for professional expenses, including mileage allowances!
N2F’s online solution offers you:

  • Direct export of accounting entries:
    • Accounting entries generated to all accounting software packages (Sage, Cegid, SAP, EBP, etc.)
    • Accounting data tailored to your company (allocation to the accounts defined in your chart of accounts, etc.)
    • Excel export
  • Valuable accounting management tools for better control:
    • Cost accounting is optimized thanks to dashboards and summary reports
    • Subledger accounting is naturally integrated
    • Automated VAT declaration (including recoverable VAT on all types of expense: fuel, restaurant, etc.)
    • Paperless invoices
  • A connection to your company’s bank:
    • One-click reimbursement by SEPA transfer or through your accounting system
    • Management of personal bank cards, business cards (personal or company debit)
  • Choose N2F and save time preparing your forecast profit and loss account!

Download the N2F application