Expense reports in a flash

Revolutionize your expense report management: one photo is enough!

Expense reports in a flash
Smart scan

Smart scan for your expense reports

Take a picture of your expense report. N2F will instantly extract the date, the amount, the VAT (even multiple rates), the seller, the fuel volume, the type of meal, tips, tourist taxes ... all of this in only ... 0.8 seconds!

Flat-rate or mileage allowances

Do you manage mileage allowances or per diems? N2F is up to date with all your scales and is connected to Google Maps to automate your calculations!

Legal compliance archiving = 0 paper

With legal compliance archiving, there's no need to keep your paper invoices anymore. Managing your professional expenses has never been easier!

Advanced features, even on your cell phone

Expense report approval, bank reconciliation, analytics updates, all from your expense report management mobile app.

Scanning expense reports video

125000 professionals save time with N2F

The expense report software
that thinks about accountants

From the mobile app to the accounting system in 3 clicks

Expense reports from SMEs
up to large enterprises

The software that adapts without compromise to the needs of SMEs, mid-market and large groups

Accounting entries and recoverable VAT

Accounting entries and recoverable VAT

N2F is compatible with all ERP and accounting software packages. It automatically inputs the entries into your accounting software. Recoverable VAT is calculated, and analytics are managed.

Supplier and travel agency invoices

Send your invoices to n2f@n2f.com and they will be processed automatically. Connect your travel agency to N2F for 360° monitoring of your professional expenses.

Advanced features

Multi-country management, one-off or recurring advance payments, travel requests, 11 languages, management of all global currencies. Everything is included, no surprises!

Real-time monitoring and Business Intelligence

Analyzing your expenses using fantastic pie charts or graphs that come pre-configured or that we have custom-designed for you? That will also change your life!

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Why choose N2F expense report software?

+ Available on iOS and Android
+ Available offline
+ Paperless receipts

Discover the mobile APP

Features adapted to your needs

Our expense report management software

An ethical company, a sustainable app

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A hyper-connected solution,
that's easy

+ Accounting export

+ Bank connection

+ Link to travel agencies

+ Supplier invoices

+ Travel requests

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Our goal!
To help you save
time and

Find out how N2F will make your life easier

Everyone's a winner

Everyone who has to deal with expense reports
saves a lot of time!

Employee / Freelance

Employees / Freelances

No more tedious data entry at the end of the month: complete your expense reports on the go.

Don't lose any more expense reports. Take a picture, N2F will automatically fill everything in.

Expense report mobile app


Identify and reduce unjustified expense claims.

Easier management of expenses rechargeable to your clients.

Receive alerts …

Validating expense reports


Don't waste any more time recalculating recoverable taxes.

Automatically import expense reports into your accounting system.

No more policing ...

Importing expense reports into the accounts


Free your employees from the chore of managing expense reports

Reduce fraudulent expenses.

Save …

Easy monitoring of expense reports

What our clients say about us

They trust N2F to manage their expense reports and we would like to thank them!

Would you like to get rid of the chore of expense reports?

Find out how to divide your expense report processing time by 4!

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You want more than expense report management?

N2F can also accompany you in more advanced requirements

Travel agency connector

Travel agency connector

Thanks to its very flexible technology, N2F can interface with all major business travel providers. Centralize your expense report and travel management in one place!

Travel expenses management

Reason for travel

Travel request

Do your employees need to have their travel requests approved before incurring expenses? With different workflows depending on the situation? No worries, we can do it!

Travel request management

Travel request management

Supplier invoices

Would you like the management of your supplier invoices to be as simple as expense report management with N2F? Our supplier invoice module is made for you.

Managing supplier invoices

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