Mobile app: expense reports in a flash

With or without internet, in the train or on a plane, the N2F app does the work to save you time.

  • 1-Take a photo of the receipt
  • 2- Select the category
  • 3- N2F analyzes the photo
  • 4- All the information is automatically extracted and filled out
The expense report is easily filled out thanks to our smart scan.

Stop filling out forms, smart scan (OCR) does it for you!

Why waste time filling out your expense report when N2F can do it for you?
At the table of the restaurant, in your hotel room or the airport terminal, simply take a photo of your receipt on your smartphone or tablet. N2F will take care of the rest!
Thanks to our smart scan (OCR), N2F recognizes and instantly extracts the information from your receipt and fills out your expense report. In the blink of an eye, the amount, currency, date and tax magically appear.

The complete expense report app without compromises

The app saves time at every step: from the creation of the expense report to reimbursement, and all the phases in between. Let the clean and intuitive interface guide you and simplify your expense report management!

The essential on your phone

With N2F, simply manage mileage allowance reimbursement, thanks to the integrated Google Maps module. (see Calculate mileage costs - travel expenses page)
International business trip? No need to convert your expense reports from one currency to another! N2F uses the reference exchange rate and automatically calculates the conversion in 170 currencies.
The interface language doesn’t work for your international employees ? No problem, they can choose between 11 languages.
The expense report app makes managing business expenses easy.

Efficiently track your expense report from A to Z

Once the expense report has been created, easily view its status on the mobile app (in progress, processing, approved, reimbursed…) Color coding will allow you to quickly identify each step of the validation process. This way, you can see your tasks to complete at a glance: reports to review or to reimburse.
Need to verify a detail of the report? Need to view the trip before reimbursing mileage allowance? Consult the expense report in PDF format in one click.
Managing expenses reports has never been simpler!

Paperless receipts

Stop wasting time filling out Excel expense forms. Forget about scanning your receipts! Upload a paperless copy of your receipt directly from the N2F app. In one click, export everything in PDF format.

Expense report management optimized in the mobile app
The expense report application and the expense report software program that even work offline.

The app that works even without internet

No reception? Wifi unavailable?
When you travel for work, whether in your region or internationally, it's not always easy to have a reliable internet connection. So you resign yourself to stockpiling your paper receipts in your wallet (when you don't lose them!).
Travel in peace with N2F: your expense report app still works offline. Fill out your expense reports during your trips without worrying about cell phone service. Your data will be synced (and secured) on all your devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers) once you have access to the internet again.
N2F can be installed on as many devices as you want- practical for the accumulation of personal and work equipment.
Don't wait to download the mobile app : available on both IOS and Android.

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