N2F’s SSO/SAML connection capability is joining the Amazon Web Services application catalog.

After being listed by the Microsoft Office 365 / Azure AD teams, N2F is joining AWS (Amazon Web Services) via its SSO portal. From now on, you can easily access our expense report management solution through the AWS application catalog.

What is SSO?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a single authentication method that allows access to a multitude of secure applications and web services.

The objective is clear: to simplify the life of users, especially their management of passwords and personal data.

SSO for N2F

For several months now, N2F, the solution that frees you from expense report management, has allowed you to connect to its web and mobile platforms via Single Sign-On and its secure SAML protocol. You can easily access our solution at the application stores provided by user management tools such as Azure AD and AWS. This will further increase your time savings when processing your expense reports.

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