Accounting integration and recoverable tax

Make your accounting integration easier : say goodbye to double entries and recoverable tax calculation.

Automatically export your entries to accounting!

With N2F, your accounting entries are directly generated in the acceptable format for your accounting software. As a matter of fact, N2F is adapted to all accounting programs on the market: Quickbooks, Cegid, SAP, EBP...
Our "Export Factory" allows us to configure your account export simply and graphically, and you are able to adjust it at any time.
Data entries exported to accounting are therefore entirely adapted to your business:
easily define the account to charge by type of expense, by employee, or by tax rate
choose the caption and the reference that will appear in your accounting software
Your accounting expert will appreciate the precision and details of the entries created this way.

Automatic accounting exports for all accounting software programs: Sage, Cegid, SAP, EBP...
N2F simplifies the management of recoverable tax.

Stop calculating recoverable tax, N2F will take care of it

Managing taxes won't be a headache for you any longer! The recoverable tax is automatically calculated in all circumstances.
N2F software won't fail you, even in the most complicated cases:
multi-rate expenses? No problem! Allocating taxes or charges to different accounts is simple and automatic.
specific rules for fuel (diesel, gas)? N2F knows how to retrieve taxes according to the vehicle's energy and category.
limit exceeded? Again, N2F knows how to identify recoverable tax in proportion to the amount actually reimbursed to your employee.

Precisely manage your analytics and auxiliaries

Business expenses require close monitoring, because when they are managed well, you can save considerably.
Managing analytics is intuitive with N2F. You can view a clear summary of trends and the evolution of your expenses; this will enable you to optimize your costs and establish your provisional/forecast budget.
Define the analytical axes of your choice: cost centers, projects, clients, etc., and monitor them with ease. With N2F, you can obtain summarized reports, designed for their readability, and you can efficiently prepare the business expense portion of your business plan.
Opted for an accounting department with auxiliary account management? Don’t worry, N2F is naturally adapted for this, and even knows how to differentiate among auxiliaries according to payment method.

N2F optimizes the management of analytics and auxiliary accounts.
Rapid reimbursement of travel expenses via direct deposit or your accounting department

Connect N2F to your bank

N2F simplifies and speeds up the reimbursement of your employees’ travel expenses thanks to direct deposit setup.
Whether you reimburse your employee’s expenses by direct deposit or through your accounting software, the operation is generated in one click.
Even more practical–N2F handles three types of credit card:
personal credit cards
business expense cards (personal credit) and

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