Is your company going digital? With the company’s various departments progressively integrating new tools, the administrative and financial department’s shift to digitalized operations will be a key part of your development as a 2.0 company. It will ensure that your company is more responsive, productive, and profitable. However, there are many options on the market. Selecting the best software and applications for your department can be a real challenge. To help you make an informed decision, we have cherry-picked four high-performance tools to optimize the digitalization of your administrative and financial department.

Managing your invoice tracking: Dunforce

Dunforce is the ideal tool to save time and achieve peace of mind when tracking your receivables. This intelligent solution works like a virtual assistant, facilitating every step of the collection process without compromising customer relationships.

Automated reminders

Dunforce’s algorithm calculates the potential risk of invoices and tailors your dunning strategy to each customer profile. As a result, the time spent on collection tasks is reduced by 90%, and payment times are shortened by 25%.

Centralized information

The software allows you to import and organize all the data relating to invoice tracking in a few clicks. The accounting department can use a customizable dashboard to control all the stages of collection and the related information.

Dunforce successfully digitizes the collection process and simplifies overall invoice management. It boosts your CFO’s productivity and your company’s profitability.

Project management:

Recording, organizing, formatting, and sharing the accounting department’s information is possible with a single tool: Notion. The application can be used to create different contents in customizable pages, and it offers numerous functionalities that optimize the interpretation, transmission, and monitoring of knowledge:

  • A wide choice of contents (notes, lists, tables, calendars, links, images, etc.);
  • The organization of pages in a tree structure, with direct links to other pages;
  • Databases to easily classify and connect pages;
  • Four levels of page and workspace sharing;
  • Secure storage of all data.

With Notion, create a central knowledge base for your team’s long-term memory.

Business intelligence solution: Microsoft Power BI

You can optimize the quality and speed of your decision making by integrating Microsoft Power BI, a suite of analytical tools, into your company’s IT system.

Fast execution and ease of use

The software aggregates data from multiple sources and analyzes it in real time to create visual reports that can be modified at any time. All of the company’s departments can access and use the data, no technical skills are required.

Connection to the platform from several media

The solution integrates with several tools and is also available on smartphones. Retrieve information and generate/retrieve reports in a few clicks and in complete security.

Optimized report sharing

To enrich the decision-making process, you can include your employees in discussions on the data analyzed by giving them access to the reports. These reports are designed to be easily co-edited and shared.

Data analysis is within the reach of the entire company: Microsoft Power BI is the proof, with its intelligent solution for centralizing and processing large volumes of data.

Expense report management: N2F

The N2Fexpense report management application allows you to digitize all the documents and operations relating to your business expenses in a few clicks.

Significant time savings

With this dedicated digital solution, the input of information and documents is performed in real time and most amounts are calculated automatically. Accountants therefore spend much less time processing expense reports, and can easily access all the supporting receipts via the software.

Simplified accounting procedures

The CFO is immediately notified if the algorithm spots a potential error or oversight. The accountants check the pre-filled expense reports and, once validated, reimburse employees directly through N2F, via the company’s payroll software or by bank transfer.

Ensuring improved inter-departmental relations

With this automated process, the risk of error and fraud is virtually zero. Tensions between employees and accountants, who are responsible for reimbursing employees’ business expenses, will vanish!

A genuine ally of accountants when processing expense reports, N2F ensures seamless procedures and gives employees peace of mind. Fast, intuitive, and reliable, the software helps to centralize data and to increase the company’s profitability.