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    [SMEs] Digitalize to stay competitive

    The digital transformation of companies – you’ve been hearing about this everywhere over the last 10 years. You might even be starting to get sick of it!

    But, for SMEs, digitalization is essential to ensure business competitiveness. First, let’s get back to basics! When we talk about the digitalization of companies, what exactly do we mean?

    No, digitalization is not (just) creating a Facebook page for your company! Digitalization actually refers to digitizing your company’s internal organization and strategy.

    But SMEs often forget about the digitization of internal processes in their strategic decisions, despite it being essential!

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  • PME application gestion notes de frais

    SMEs: why should you adopt an expense report management application?

    When a company grows, the number of expense reports multiplies. Although VSEs can manage expense reports manually, once a company reaches the SME stage, it’s a different story! To improve their productivity, as well as their security, SMEs can really benefit from adopting an expense report management application.

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