Calculate mileage costs - travel expenses

Your employees can concentrate on their trip, N2F will take care of their expenses.

Scales for mileage allowance reimbursement

With N2F, opt for an integrated tax scale or for a personalized scale, depending on the policy you choose for managing your company's travel expenses.

Use the mileage-based tax scale (tax)

Business travel generates a certain number of mileage costs : fuel charges, wear and tear charges…
To cover all these costs, each year the tax authority publishes a tax scale for mileage allowance. No need to have it at your fingertips: N2F has natively integrated it!
Mileage allowance is therefore automatically calculated according to the fiscal power of the vehicle used and the number of miles traveled.

Apply your own scale

Your company opted for a fixed scale? N2F allows you to personalize the scale to apply per vehicle in a few clicks.

Mileage allowance is easy to reimburse thanks to our integrated mileage-based scale.
Intuitive entry of mileage expense via Google Maps module

Make entering mileage costs easier via the Google Maps module

Forgot to take note of your odometer at the start of your trip or after arriving at your destination? Don’t worry, N2F has an integrated Google Maps module that calculates the distance traveled for you.
Avoid tedious address entries: simply indicate the name and location of the business and the “Places” module automatically fills in the address. For an efficient view of your trip, the route is traced on the map.
Are your colleagues going on a round trip? Multi-leg trip? N2F manages all possible situations and offers intuitive entry for the details of each trip.

Optimize the management of your business expenses

Monitoring business expensesgenerally requires a lot of attention. What would you say to some help?

Save time by saving your favorite trips

Do you visit your major clients every month? Avoid repetitive entries: personalize your favorite trips in 3 clicks. When you enter your mileage costs request, all you have to do it select your preferred trip and everything will be filled out automatically: description, number of miles...

Commute distance deduction

If your employees leave from (or return to) their homes when visiting clients, the commute distance can be deducted from their reimbursement thanks to the "Leave from home" or "Return home" options.

Calculation of recoverable tax for fuel expenses

When your employees use a company vehicle for their trip, it's possible to recover the tax on fuel. The recoverable percentage depends on the energy and type of vehicle. Don't bother with these calculations- in N2F, it's very simple because the recoverable tax is automatically calculated.

Management of all types of vehicle

Personal vehicles, service vehicles, or company cars, every case is handled by N2F. Your employees can travel with peace of mind; their favorite vehicle is selected by default.
This way, you can have a summarized view of your fleet and produce quality reports.

Optimized management of travel expenses and mileage costs
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