Features that will simplify your travel expenses

App for smartphone or tablet

Easy-to-use app, incredibly practical!

Stop losing track of your spending! Enter your expenses on the go from your smartphone
Take a photo of your receipts. They are saved and synced automatically with your web account
In a rush? Create an empty expense; N2F will remind you that it's incomplete
Out of the country? No internet? No worries! N2F also works offline and calculates conversion rates for all international currency
N2F Mobile can be downloaded for free

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N2F works on iOS (iPhone) and Android smartphones and tablets
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Management of mileage allowances

Personal vehicles

N2F calculates the reimbursement payment according to the tax or fixed rate
Use our MAP feature to visualize the distance travelled
Deduct the commute to work from total distance, if needed (adjustable)

Professional vehicles

Manage your vehicles and invoice your clients simply
Save your favorite trips to save even more time

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Time tracking and contractor monitoring

Enter the time spent during your projects
Have the client sign off (electronic signature on smartphone)
Send the invoice!
Import the analysis to your Information System

Contractor and time tracking software
Adjustable and conditional expense policy

Expense policy and monitoring

Your expense policy is defined in N2F so you avoid tedious inspections: they're done automatically, as soon as the information is recorded!

Spending categories with limits (blocks or warnings)

  • Number of expenses per category and per period
  • Total per category and period
  • Flat rates

Does a manager have the same spending limits as a technician?

  • You can easily define that with N2F's settings

Recoverable tax

Simplified tax management


Don't worry about tax anymore: it's calculated automatically (*)
(*) In certain cases with complicated multi-rate taxes, the employee or accountant can correct the tax amount on the multi-rate management screen.


Appreciate the automatic calculation of reimbursable sums…
N2F can even calculate specific rules for fuel, according to vehicle type and miles per gallon

Clear and customizable exports

Accounting exports

Choose among our numerous pre-set exports…
Or define your own format thanks to our "Export Factory"

Direct deposit files

Generate payment files in one click

Excel exports

Export all your data to Excel


Discover a PDF report recognized for its clarity

Find out more about accounting exports
Easily export to accounting programs
Customizable categories

Simple and powerful setup

N2F is pre-configured at installation

Everything is customizable:

  • Taxes, expense categories, vehicles, clients
  • and even projects, tasks, cost centers

Create your own personalized fields and analytical axes

Validation process

No more blocking legitimate expenses and identify fraudulent expenses

Employees can easily track the status of their expense reimbursements
Managers can rapidly approve expenses from the clear and comprehensive dashboard
Accountants verify, pay, and automatically populate the appropriate fields of their accounting software from a unified and intuitive interface
The validation process is customizable, conditional depending on the sum, and multi-level

Conditional validation workflow

Need more?

N2F will adapt to you, not the other way around!

N2F manages multi-corporations and multiple expense policies
Several languages are available : French, German, Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese
All global currencies are managed with the corresponding conversion rates
Tax management is customizable by country and even by expense report type
A manager can approve the expenses of an employee in another country or another branch
Whether you have a centralized accounting service or your own accounting department, N2F will adapt to you

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